About Us

Five years ago, I came to an inflection point in my life. I could either keep going in the same direction: focused on myself and my career or I could try to change somehow.

At the time I didn’t know how to change, but I chose the latter in the hopes for a brighter outcome. Through therapy, coaching, and emotional identity learnings, I started out on my path to at first understand what my patterns are, then how to break them, and in turn how to create more meaningful relationships.

Pattern I

The first pattern I discovered and broke was blaming my parents for all the negative things in my life: my explosive temper, and my inability to maintain a healthy relationship. I took responsibility for myself.

Pattern II

The second pattern, which is still a work in progress is the volatility. Through self awareness and emotional identity I’ve been able to decrease my mood swings. 

This has made for a much happier experience being me. The pursuit and tools have allowed me to slowly resolve my internal issues and deepen all of my relationships. 

This was the start of my path, and why I started Paradym. Paradym is an app based emotional identity coach designed to break patterns. 

The foundation of Paradym started as a personal process that my co-founder and I developed together whilst I was breaking my own patterns. The second iteration launched in January and uses evidence based research to inform our line of questioning, content and exercises. 

There are so many mental and emotional health options out there now. But I strongly believe (and there’s science to back me up) that self awareness and emotional identity is the best first step. 

Founder, Paradym