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Paradym is an all-new, guided emotional wellbeing programme empowering you to uncover your emotional identity, break patterns and more – backed by the science of emotions. Your path to self-discovery begins here!


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“This has made me feel like I’m not alone. I think I would have come out of this lockdown feeling very different if I hadn’t done this process”

“This whole process I’ve found more beneficial than all of the therapy I’ve had.”

“I’ve started to laugh again, I haven’t laughed in a year! Paradym gave me somewhere to go to let out the pain and get some understanding of why I was feeling those bad emotions”

“Paradym has really helped me in my self awareness journey to figure out who I am, what my values are and who I want to be. It’s giving me freedom to live a life that I want and that’s going to make me feel fulfilled”


Methods to help you reach your goals

Stronger for the long haul

Our movement isn’t a sticking plaster. Paradym is a sustainable, guided, scientist-supported intervention that gives you more resilience for the long term – all through a digital wellbeing app, without spending thousands on a therapist


We believe strongly that one size does not fit all. This is why the Paradym Process helps you uncover your personalised emotional patterns and discover your unique emotional identity

The science of feeling

Ironing out complex emotions like anxiety and overwhelm requires help we can trust. Paradym’s programme is steeped in the evidence-based science of cutting edge, expert-led research

One size doesn’t fit all

Paradym is the world’s leading emotional wellbeing programme, supporting you with a lifetime of affordable mental health care.

Guiding you through a science-backed programme, Paradym helps you discover your unique emotional identity increasing your motivation, confidence and resilience for long term emotional wellbeing.

A personalised approach, backed by science

learn techniques 

Develop Methods

Change Behaviour 

Gain results

A psychological process

Science-backed methods drawing on approaches from a whole hinterland of psychological and therapeutic research, including Schema Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) 

Personalised patterns

Personalised emotional pattern profiles to track yourself and uncover your unique emotional identity for each of Paradym’s 5 core pillars, enabling you to paint a detailed picture of your emotions

Expert-informed content

Our team of experts, have crafted the content in the Paradym process available for you to either read as text, listen as audio and in some cases, watch as films 

Access to all 5 pillars

Access to all five pillars – Aware, Love, Body, Success & Identity – and over 18 chapters of content, as well as new content drops as they’re released

Daily reflections, prompts & exercises

Exercises, prompts and ‘things to think about’ as well as over 100+ daily reflections for journaling and self insight, designed to help you learn about why you feel the way you do

Guided by coaches, informed by experts
Our team of experts, which includes PhD psychologists, neuroscientists, therapists, and coaches from Harvard, UCL and more, have crafted the Paradym Process in a way that requires gentle commitment from you – and you’ll need to stick with it.

As a guided practice, Paradym coaches you through a series of reflections and exercises, supporting you with the tools and techniques you need to reach your goals. Our content is available to either read as text, listen to as audio and in some cases watched as film.

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