Information about user testing Paradym:

We want to know if the Paradym app is effective in improving wellbeing, what users think of the app and what changes might be needed to improve user experience.

Being a tester means that you:  
    • Read and agree to data privacy information.
    • Agree to receive emails from us with the surveys and links.
    • Fill out a survey at the start of the study (Survey 1).
    • Download the app and use it for 10 mins a day for free for 2 weeks. 
    • Fill out a second survey at the end of 2 weeks (Survey 2). 
    • Upon completion of survey 2, you will be placed in a prize draw to win a voucher. There are 1 x $200 1 x $100 and 1 x $50 vouchers available to be won.

To be eligible for this evaluation we ask that you

• are over 18
• do not have a diagnosable mental health condition
• can commit to using the app as much as you can and answering the surveys beforehand and the end of 2 weeks

Your data will be anonymised and stored for 3 months and then deleted. 

Only members of the research team can see your anonymised data. 

Anonymised data will be analysed by the Paradym research team to evaluate the Paradym app and make improvements, we may publish the results from our study in a report or scientific paper. If we do publish a report, all findings are anonymous and we can share our report with you, if of interest.

  • 3 months free app usage to work on your wellbeing
  • A chance to win a $200, $100 or $50 Amazon voucher 
  • An opportunity to contribute to improving a global mental health app


All data is conducted in compliance with GDPR. The data we collect is anonymous. Before filling out the questionnaire we need to check with you that you are in agreement with the data protection terms. 

Yes you can leave the evaluation at any time and your data will be deleted. 

You can keep free usage of the app for 3 months. 

Paradym App

If you have any questions about the evaluation feel free to email
Paradym Research team