Launching in COVID-19

A letter from Courtney and the Paradym Team to the Paradym community


Person using Paradym app

Dear friends, family and the Paradym community,

 What a turbulent few weeks it’s been for all of us. Speaking personally, I’ve found strength from keeping a routine, connecting with friends, family, the Paradym team, and reminding myself what we’re working towards: building meaningful relationships with ourselves and others.

 Today, my greatest strength comes from sharing some big news: we’re launching today! We’ve poured everything into the Paradym process, to create a beautiful, compelling app which will help guide you in your emotional identity path. 

Rooted in evidence-based psychological research, Paradym will help you understand your deep emotional patterns, and show you how to break them. What does this mean? It means getting closer to whatever you’re looking for in your life. It means avoiding burnout. It means not dating partners that aren’t right for you.  It means not feeling inadequate. 

 Paradym will help you gain emotional freedom. 

 This the product of years of work. We’ve applied clinical experience from therapy, Schematherapy, DBT, CBT, and positive psychology. You’ll be able to stay calm in the long term, understand yourself and live the life you’ve always wanted. 

 Many of us are currently in a very difficult place.  Whether it’s worry from unemployment, stress from loved ones becoming unwell, the anxiety from a loss of routine or the struggle to connect with friends and family, we know times are incredibly tough and want to support you as best we can during this period.   

How we’re helping in the short-term

While the benefits of the current situation are few and far between, one small positive is additional time to reflect on ourselves – needs, wants and plans for the future. The world is likely to be a very different place when we come out of this. Have you thought about how you want your life to look in the new world order? Have you thought about what you really want your career to look like? What kinds of love you give? What your body needs to feel truly nourished? What it means to be you? What are you grateful for and why? Paradym can help guide you through this process and help you create more space for positive patterns so you can live the life you want. 

Now more than ever startups (businesses) need to be bringing in some kind of revenue, Paradym included. This is why we were supposed to launch with a subscription fee, we wanted to keep it priced low because we believe strongly that everyone should be able to access mental health support. Mental wellbeing is not just for those who can afford a personal therapist. 

However, we believe the most urgent priority right now is to help people. Mental health is at the top of the list of coping during lockdown. This is why we have made the contentious decision to offer the majority of Paradym for free. The goal for Paradym, is and always has been, to help as many people as possible, especially during this tricky time, and help guide them towards a better emotional place. We know cash is tight, we know money is not coming in as you would like, we know people are losing jobs, we know we can help.  

Download the app here, Android is coming in the next few weeks. If you like it, please share it with anyone you think it would help. 

Our mission at Paradym is help people build meaningful relationships with themselves and others, and there has never been a more important time for us to do this. Open call to anyone who can support us in our mission – with depression and anxiety rates rising, we want to get the Paradym process into as many people’s hands as possible. If you can share it as far and wide as possible please do! If you have any thoughts on how to distribute it further, please do get it touch! 

Stay safe and well , I hope we can make things a little better for you. 

With love and resilience,  

Courtney & The Paradym Team