Podcast: No BS mental health talk with REALWORK

Courtney Carlsson_Reakwork

Courtney Carlsson, Paradym Founder and CEO, talks to Founder of REALWORK.

“The absence of illness does not mean you are healthy.”

Fleur and Courtney delve into the differences between wellbeing and wellness in this lively and in-depth discussion which explores Courtney’s group therapy and coaching platform. Gwyneth Paltrow even gets a mention… 

The episode covers:

The challenges of fundraising and equity crowdfunding. Founding Paradym after her own mental health experience. Evidence-based psychology practice. Delivering accessible therapy for the younger generation. The difference between psychology and psychiatry, wellness and wellbeing. Being your ‘well-est’ – where does Capitalism sit on the scale of wellness? What wellness and wellbeing looks like. Individual vs societal responsibility on mental health.

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