The world’s leading emotional wellbeing programme

Backed by the
science of emotions

Paradym was founded in 2018 as a smartphone app designed to help people improve their emotional wellbeing and understand their emotional patterns – or why they feel the way they do.  

Ironing out complex emotions like anxiety and overwhelm requires help you can trust. This is why Paradym’s programme is backed by the science of emotions.

Today Paradym is the world’s leading guided programme for learning about emotional wellbeing.  Paradym’s tens of thousands of members slot the guided exercises, reflections and tools into their busy lives.

“I spent a lifetime searching for mental health solutions. Five years ago, I came to a turning point in my frantic, fast-paced life. I could either keep going in the same direction, unable to understand my emotions – or I could try to change somehow. That’s where Paradym was born.”

Courtney Carlsson, Founder and CEO

Resting on a scientifically rigorous evidence-base

Steeped in the evidence-based science of cutting edge, expert-led research, Paradym has been designed by a team of experts including psychologists from University College London, Harvard and more. It draws on approaches from a whole hinterland of psychological and therapeutic research, including Schema Therapy, psychoanalysis and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Paradym is not a sticking-plaster cure or a simplistic digital solution. The audio, visual and written content – explored through five pillars – empowers busy people to answer difficult questions about emotions and feelings, and change their behaviour for the better.

Building on a lifetime of mental health experimentation

I’ve tried it all: counselling, family therapy, clinical therapy, bodywork (massage, acupuncture and craniosacral work), life coaching, sex therapy, somatic therapy, integrative therapy and even meditation retreats in the jungle. Some of it worked, and some of it didn’t. But I took all of my learnings across those years and collaborated with experts to create a programme that could be helpful in the face of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 

And what stood out most from my 25 years of experimentation on myself? That we all have negative emotional patterns that are predominantly formed in childhood. These negative patterns hold us back, and stop us living the life that we want –  a life of better relationships, work-life balance, or more confidence and motivation. Paradym is the solution to that problem, and empower people like you and me to break our negative patterns.”

Courtney Carlsson

Founder and CEO, Paradym

“This concept feels totally fresh. Its step-by-step coaching – to break negative thought patterns and regulate day-to-day emotions for increased self-esteem, life satisfaction and resistance to stress – is rooted in science. Fluffy, this isn’t.”

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