Increase team connection, collaboration & resilience with Paradym for Teams

“It felt like a different community afterwards, partly because you gave them opportunities to be able to open up and share their personal experiences and anxieties that they’re going through.”

Head of Curriculum at WeWork Labs

We’re living in the age of burnout


Increasingly stressed out workers not performing at peak

Increasingly lonely workforce impacting communication & collaboration​

Mentally exhausted teams reducing worker productivity

Supporting your workforce for growth

Paradym for Teams is an end-to-end emotional wellbeing programme supporting teams at high growth companies to not only survive, but thrive. 

Our emotional wellbeing programme is a new, preventative way to support your workforce before they reach burnout. A programme like Paradym for Teams will unlock your team’s potential by providing all of the support necessary to facilitate collaboration, creativity and resilience.

The programme has already helped tens of thousands of users across 125 countries, supporting teams to improve their working lives.

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Delivered through a bespoke programme

We believe strongly that one size does not fit all. This is why Paradym works with your People or Human Resources team to understand what your company goals are, and personalises the solution accordingly. Given the current environment and the move towards remote working, companies are telling us that their teams feel disconnected. Research shows that this has a significant impact on wellbeing – and, ultimately, productivity.

Delivered across three digital but human-centered platforms (app, expert led workshops and online community), Paradym for Teams combats these challenges and supports employee wellbeing by empowering teams to create more meaningful relationships with themselves and others. 

Our programme has been built with experts including neuroscientists, PhD psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches with the intention of improving connection, collaboration, and motivation. Our clients’ employees not only deepen their teamwork, but also learn proven techniques to help manage their wellbeing. 

“Paradym provides a perspective shift…it’s like the objective outsider who comes in and tells you how to reframe things.”

CEO and Strategy Director, Beyond Copy

Invest in your teams’ wellbeing today, with Paradym

Research shows that using a programme like Paradym will give you an return on investment of 15:1. For every $1 spent, you will receive an ROI of $15

*Figures from Deloitte’s ‘Mental Health and Employers’ report