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Empowering founders with a digital solution that has 91%* efficacy which culminates in happier, healthier founders & teams 

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Empowering your team holistically

“I didn’t know how big of an impact the programme would have. It felt like a different team afterwards. It was amazing” [4.50/5 avg NPS scores]



“I’m remote and the rest of my team is in office so it was hard to get to know them. [Paradym] gave me the space to get to know my team when I can’t be in the office. ”


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“Using a programme like Paradym really helps our employees to optimise themselves…Super easy to use. They can then have these guidelines to help them at work, to not only become better personally, but also to become more productive and better employees.”



Paradym’s Solution for Teams

How Paradym creates happier, healthier teams

Building a community that goes deeper

Engagement tools for continued success

Evidence-base and bespoke sessions

Designed to be the perfect fit

Created by doctors & entrepreneurs

01 Matching process

Harvard Medical School hand picked expert to suit your community’s needs. We understand your community’s needs to match you with the perfect coach and programme.

02 Bespoke Programme

We’ll create a bespoke programme for you, including live expert-led 1 hour weekly meetings, a community platform and a companion app.

03 Outcomes & measurement

You’ll be able to track and measure personal outcomes and learn behavioural change tools for life-long improved wellbeing

Science and measurement at our core

Paradym’s results



– moods

Research shows, programme’s like Paradym will give you an ROI of $15:1

Peer reviewed research shows our digital solution has 91% efficacy

80% of members cut their low mood & depression symptoms in 6 weeks of sessions