Group coaching  

Paradym’s group coaching programme helped 80% of members cut their low mood and depression symptoms in just six weeks of therapy.

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The programme

Our comprehensive programme of emotion focused therapy builds on science-backed therapeutic and coaching methods.

Paradym’s Programme includes cutting-edge, evidence-based psychological content devised by experts from Harvard, UCL & more.

Our tools, delivered across three platforms, help you track the ups and downs of your emotional wellbeing and anxiety levels to help increase motivation, confidence and resilience 

Meeting you where you are

How we connect with you

How it works

Each pathway programme lasts eight weeks. You’ll join a small community of peers led by a qualified coach or therapist, and meet online once a week.

You’ll be able to track your mood swings, check in with each other and come to understand why you feel the way you do.

Applying the insights you pick up is a sure fire way to help you get to know your better self 

What’s included in your programme

✨ Evidence-based content from Harvard & UCL experts

✨ Tools to help you track your emotional wellbeing & anxiety

✨ Supportive online community with members’ space

✨ Weekly live certified therapist/coach check-ins 

✨ Daily reflections, prompts & exercises via Paradym’s app

Wellbeing benefits 

Paradym’s group coaching programme helped 80% of members cut their low mood & depression symptoms in just 6 weeks of sessions

Additional benefits of the programme include improved overall emotional wellbeing including increases in:

✅ confidence

✅ motivation

✅ resilience

Know your better self



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Group coaching is not a mental health crisis service. Need further support?

Paradym’s Group coaching is an emotional wellbeing programme – we do not diagnose or treat clinical mental health problems or psychiatric disorders