Feeling stuck? Have no idea what you want? Been in therapy forever?

Know your
better self
Whether you’re feeling stuck and have no idea what you want or have been in therapy for years and want maintenance, we’ll guide you through your emotions so you can live the life you want.
Ready to know your better self?
Learn the methods you need to reach your goals by joining Paradym's exclusive guided coaching programme and start living the life you want.

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Designed just for you

Created with Psychology PhD’s, Psychiatrists & Neuroscientists so
you get the best in class tools that actually work.*

With groups, you also get weekly access to a Health Coach which has an even bigger impact on outcomes for you.

Read more on our research here.

Use the app program in between sessions to make the most of your Health Coach sessions.

Get 1:1 feedback on your wellbeing progress.

Personal growth can be a black box, but we care about making sure you know how you’re changing.

Our assessment tool will help you track your progress, and you can discuss these in a 1:1 with your Health coach.

How it works

01 App-only

Download the app & start your personal pathway on your own

02 Join a Inner Circle

For those who are serious about change. Apply to join circles, our therapist-led group coaching community with live sessions, group chat, all backed up with in-app content.

 03 Goal-setting and measurement

If you’re accepted to Inner Circles, you’ll get a 1:1 session to go through goals and help choose the circle that is right for you

What you get

What you get

Evidence based tools

We’re able to reliably share how Paradym will meaningfully impact your wellbeing.

Access to a Health Coach

A program created with expert Psychologists, Neuroscientists & delivered by empathetic, expert health coaches.

A safe space

Our health coaches are experts in creating and maintaining a safe environment for our members to share and support each other’s growth.

Personalised reports

Our assessment tool will help you track your progress

Reflection Prompts

Daily reflections to guide your practice

Community growth

Supportive peers to grow with

Global perspectives

Personal stories and videos from Founders, Jiu Jitsu champions, Neuroscientists sharing their growth journeys.

On demand access

Audio and video content, therapist created excercises, daily reflection & a journal whenever you want.

Time for you

Carve out you time to prevent burnout and grow

Join our members

across 125 countries

Join our members

across 125 countries

Ready to invest in yourself?


Average cost of two months of therapy


Two months of Paradym Groups

Ready to invest in yourself?


Avg cost of 2 months of therapy


2 months of Paradym Groups

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